Mini Dino Blanket Milky 小恐龍嬰兒被 奶白色 (100 x 170 cm)

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Dinosaurs are the favorites of many children: kids collect figures, read books about them, and now your child has an opportunity to warm up under the rug with his beloved heroes! Such a gift will surely appeal to all lovers of dinosaurs!

The blanket is made of high-quality PAN - a hypoallergenic material that is pleasant to the touch, easy to clean, and most importantly - retains heat.
With this combination of aesthetics and impeccable properties, it will be difficult not to fall in love with the MINI DINO blanket at first sight.

- recognized as safe and hypoallergenic material
- all fiber passes strict sanitary and hygienic control
- close to wool in properties
- does not fade
- retains heat
- pleasant to the touch, not prickly
- the fibers are not affected by mold, fungi, moth
- easy care - does not shrink, does not stretch

Colour: Milky

Material: 100% PAN

Size: 100 x 170 cm