DOT TO DOT x AGUARD 熊仔游泳圈 - Bear Swim Ring

Dot to dot

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It's time to go swimming! This Dot to dot swimming ring is ideal to use it in the swimming pool or at the beach. It can be folded for easy storage after use

Material: 100% PVC
Size: 60 x 21.8 cm, suitable for 24 to 36 months
Certificate: KC safety certified
Points to note: 
- This product is not a life-saving aid, please use it with a guardian.
- Do not over-inflate.
- Keep away from fire and avoid long-hour exposure under sunlight
- Avoid sharps.
- Do not use a high pressure air pump.
- It is recommended to clean it and store it at a temperature above 10 degrees after completely drying
Made in Korea