DOT TO DOT x AGUARD teddy bear Inflatable sofa (ivory) 熊仔充氣沙發 (象牙白)

Dot to dot

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1. Neck Pillow - Baby's neck can be kept at a comfortable angle.
2. Pad back – A low center of gravity design to keep balance and will not fall sideways when in use.
3. Built-in pump – Sofa can be inflated using the built-in pump.
4. Footrest and Seat Cushion - Seat cushion height is about 5 cm for extra comfort during use.
5. Seat Pedal - Hold the pedal with your feet when picking up your baby.
6. Drainage structure - There are drainage holes at the bottom of the sofa so it can also be used when taking a shower.
Size: 57(W) x 48(L) x 35(H)
Material: PVC 
Made in Korea